Your school either shot up, shot down, or um…stayed Yale.

You’ll justify it either as you’ve earned it, the ratings are arbitrary, or you’re Yale.

Personally, in my opinion (redundant), I think (redundant) that you’re just lazy and want to use your school’s rankings to compensate for your inability to earn top grades.

My school is both critical of the ranking system and careful to pat itself on the back for a well deserved number.

I heard law students gathering in the dining hall, discussing what this means to their futures.  I wanted to tell them that it means nothing since they won’t have jobs when they graduate.  I realize life is about being optimistic and all, but have you seen the numbers lately?  Let’s get real.

9 months after graduation, passing the bar will be a distant fading memory, a distraction while you tweak your resume for a job in finance or marketing.

Or you may one of the most over qualified customer service operators at AT&T.

I think I’m going to learn to create iPhone apps.

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