Love Potion #9: Law School Finals

It’s finals season across the land.  Which, of course, means mania has gripped us all.  Definitely the underprepared, but I don’t think the over-prepared are immune.

I think I’m going to avoid being around other law students, entirely.  They either whine about how they are not where I am or they make me nervous that I am not where they are.

But where is it we are supposed to be?  I think if the first final is two weeks away, I should be done with my outline for that class and working on memorizing and practicing with old exams.  The latter, in my opinion, more important than any thing else.

The first semester of law school, to me at least, was all about the asthetics of my outline.  One of my professors, however, reminded me long after finals were over, that we get graded on exams and not outlines.  Agreed.

Don’t get me wrong, my outlines are still pretty.  But I’m not going to spend the rest of the semester perfecting them.  It’s amazing how much time I wasted on them before.

It’s not as if there wasn’t enough to stress about.  Which brings me to the stress of it all.  People can’t hand any of it, though.  I’m amazed at how it breaks people down, turns them inside out, cuts open their weak souls.  Best friends stop talking to each other completely.  Yelling, screaming, get the hell away from me type of stuff.   One law school couple broke up.  An engagement got called off.

Although, to be fair, two couples formed behind closed study room doors, one is long over now, but the other one is still going strong.  Which, in itself, is kind of one of the oddities of school.  There was this boy who had no chance with this girl.  The very idea of the two of them together was a joke.  But this kid was smart.  He created a dish that was too powerful to overcome, a love potion,  concocted with finals stress, multiple-choice practice exams, probably some Chopin piece, and good old fashioned persistence.  He broke the girl down, inch by inch, her walls of resistance crumbled.  They are inseparable now.  Smart kid, if you ask me.

Anyway, I have to go outline.  I’m curious to see what drama unfolds in the next two weeks.

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