I’m trying to forget my 1L year.  It’s gone.  Done with.  A distant memory.  All that remains is the grades.  But hopefully, that will also be gone.

It was a miserable experience, and now I just want to move forward.  And the best way to forget, it seems, is to take some Ginko Biloba pills.

Since they do nothing for the memory.  I asked G what he thought of Ginko, what it was used for.  G said to enhance memory.  Most people think that.  It’s just not true.  There is no research to back it up.  In fact, there is only research to refute it.

It’s a sham.  Just like astrology.  And you’d be amazed to know how many people still buy Ginko pills and read up on what a Taurus is supposed to be doing today.

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